Publications, Presentations and Posters

For readers interested in more details of the scientific and policy analysis related to tobacco harm reduction, this page provides a selection of our presentations (both academic and popular), conference posters, and papers.

For works in progress, refer to our Working Papers page. Most readers will probably want to focus on our FAQ or the Bibliography/References resource, but some may find this of interest. Other researchers who wish to post their work at this page should email us via admin at

Published Papers

Phillips CV.
Debunking the claim that abstinence is usually healthier for smokers than switching to a low-risk alternative, and other observations about anti-tobacco-harm-reduction arguments.
2009 Harm Reduction Journal 6:29
(Link here to Press Release.)

Heavner KK, Rosenberg Z & Phillips CV.
Survey of smokers' reasons for not switching to safer sources of nicotine and their willingness to do so in the future.
2009 Harm Reduction Journal 6:14

Rodu B & Phillips CV.
Switching to smokeless tobacco as a smoking cessation method: evidence from the 2000 National Health Interview Survey
2008 Harm Reduction Journal 5:18

Phillips CV, Guenzel B & Bergen P.
Deconstructing anti-harm-reduction metaphors: mortality risks from falls and other traumatic injuries compared with smokeless tobacco use.
2006 Harm Reduction Journal 3:15.

Phillips, CV, Wang, C & Guenzel B.
You might as well smoke; the misleading and harmful public message about smokeless tobacco.
2005 BMC Public Health 5:31.


Phillips CV & Heavner K.
Tobacco harm reduction: the best hope for averting deaths from smoking in the developing world.
Presentation at the Global Health and Innovation Summit at Yale, April 2009.

Bergen PL, Heffernan C & Phillips CV.
Is there a drug-war-like war on tobacco?
Presentation at IHRA Bangkok, April 2009.

Heavner K, Phillips CV, Hildingsson P & Cockburn L.
Tobacco harm reduction in Sweden: population-level proof of effectiveness.
Presentation at IHRA Bangkok, April 2009.

Nissen C & Phillips CV.
Ethics in tobacco harm reduction.
Presentation at IHRA Bangkok, April 2009.

Phillips CV.
Saving European lives with smokeless tobacco: a clear choice, a difficult choice.
Presentation to Members of the European Union in Strasbourg.
Slides. Presentation. June 2008.

Cockburn L & Heffernan C.
Expanding understandings of addiction: Tobacco harm reduction requires attention to why people smoke.
Presentation at IHRA Barcelona, May 2008.

Heffernan C & Bergen PL.
Channeling Conclusions: The role of framing in tobacco harm reduction and other harm reduction methods.
Presentation at IHRA Barcelona, May 2008.

Oladele-Rabiu D & Phillips CV.
Smokers perceptions of the benefits of smoking and the implications for tobacco harm reduction.
Presentation at IHRA Barcelona, May 2008.

Phillips CV, Bergen PL & Heffernan C.
The legitimate debate: The most valid concerns about tobacco harm.
Presentation at IHRA Barcelona, May 2008.

Tenerio F, Bergen PL & Phillips CV.
Beliefs about the comparative risks of tobacco products: A review of the survey research.
Presentation at IHRA Barcelona, May 2008.

Bergen PL, Phillips CV & Rodu B.
Challenging misinformation about tobacco harm reduction on the Web; accurate information is not enough, but intervention can work.
Presentation at IHRA Warsaw, May 2007.

Phillips CV & Bergen PL.
Imperialism of United States' anti-harm-reduction policies - it comes from the political left too.
Presentation at IHRA Warsaw, May 2007.

Phillips CV & Bergen PL.
Tobacco policy and harm reduction: breaking ground and learning from experience.
Presentation at IHRA Warsaw, May 2007.

Phillips CV.
Presentation on systematic review of epidemiology about smokeless tobacco and life-threatening diseases.
Slides. Presentation. April 2006.

Phillips CV.
Smokeless Tobacco and Public Health: Professional Ethics, Popular Communication and Harm Reduction.
Slides. Presentation, November 2005.

Phillips CV.
Smokeless tobacco and cigarettes: Gateways, causal pathways and harm reduction.
Presentation at SRNT, February 2004.


Bergen P, Heffernan C & Phillips CV.
Blowing smoke: The undermining of tobacco harm reduction through tobacco (and smoker) vilification.
Poster Presentation. April 2009. IHRA Bangkok.

Heavner K, Heffernan C, Phillips CV & Rodu B.
Methodologic and Ethical Failures in Epidemiologic Research, as Illustrated by Research Relating to Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR).
Poster presentation at the Annual Society for Epidemiologic Research Meeting, Chicago, June 2008.
2008 American Journal of Epidemiology 167(Suppl):S115.

Phillips CV, Rabiu D & Rodu B.
Calculating the comparative mortality risk from smokeless tobacco versus smoking.
Poster Presentation. June 2006. Congress of Epidemiology conference.
2006 American Journal of Epidemiology, 163 (11):S189.

Phillips CV, Wang C, Guenzel B & Daw C.
Smokeless tobacco and oral cancer, the curious history of a "fact".
Poster Presentation. 2003 Society for Epidemiologic Research Meeting

For readers of the scientific literature

Phillips CV. An example of "publication bias in situ": Alguacil and Silverman's (2004) study of smokeless tobacco and pancreatic cancer.
Working Paper. May 2006.