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Clive Bates: Blog Postings on Tobacco.

Clive Bates, a previous director of ASH-UK among other things, is worth reading on these tobacco related issues. These and other writings of interest can be found in the original at his blog at Bacon Butty. (To take full advantage of all the links within these articles, you need to go to the originals at Clive's blog via the provided permalinks.)

As of December 2007, Clive has gone to work in the Sudan and so further tobacco related posts might be rare.


Useless Scientific Advice (29 September) Permalink

Saying stupid things with sophistication (1 September) Permalink

Cap and Trade for Cigarettes (11 August) Permalink

England Goes Smoke Free (1 July) Permalink

Mass Killing Machine Making Lots of Money (29 April) Permalink

Cannabis - Sorry about the Apology (24 March) Permalink


Killing by the Million and that's just the Health Campaigners (6 June) Permalink

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